Code of Conduct and Whistleblowing

Market Ecology has been trusted by a listed Swedish Company to develop and implement a Code of Conduct for its operations and stakeholders. Any breaches of this Code shall be possible to report anonymously, which is why Market Ecology supports the Client with the implementation of the procedure and system for Whistleblowing.

This process is very important and useful in order to taking a strategic and holistic approach towards business ethics and ethical dilemmas in an organisation and it´s value chain. It is a great tool to set the ethical Compass and lay the foundation for the Corporate Culture. Other benefits are increased transparency and hightened emphasis on putting resources on what is material for the survival of the organisation. Altogether it is a beneficial way of working to achieve increased sustainability, not the least increased social sustainability. The implementation of a Code of Conduct leads the organisation and it´s stakeholders closer to the common goals.

Market Ecology is a reliable partner to companies and other organisations in leading them to increased social, environmental and economic sustainability.

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